Saturday, January 28, 2012

Yup, got it

Okay, so I don't want to sound like bragging.... But...

Yup got it.

I found out that tbaytel was getting them in and just called teleco a few times. Then I found out that they hit the store and I was over in a flash.

They hadn't even finished scanning them into the stock system. I nabbed mine before they could put that dealer sticker on it too.

I want to say FIRST in Thunder Bay but I doubt that that's true..? Still it'd be nice to say.

First impressions:
-really skinny, like delicate and I'm scared that it'll fall out of my grip
-blazing fast, even after loading up phone
-dialer kinda socks (can't have it guess who I want to call by using letters in the dial pad)
-I notice the pentile display... Especially when it's dark and on auto brightness
-so far have had 2 of the random reboots, but that's it.

Okay, I'll leave the rest for my official review on AiC.

Now to set about practicing flashing on my old phone then I can sell it.

Selling my captivate, laptop and potentially my eeepad. Need to recoup some cost on this.

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