Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Bayfield 2012 [84/115]

It was a great time in Bayfield this past weekend.

Not only did we get to sell our CD, but we were honoured with having Oct 6th 2012 be "THE Pipes & Drums of Thunder Bay day".

Someone even recorded us playing:

Pretty cool.

It was cool... like 2C cool.  Almost played with the finger mitts on ...

But it warmed up enough for us to have a nice parade and good time visiting with friends we've made over the years!

What was really great was to have several 'newbies' on the trip.  Even the folk at Bayfield noticed there were some new faces this year.  Daniel and Finlay got their first time to play on this trip.  Wyeth came last year, but only carried a flag, so he got to play this year too.  And Charnee came down to carry a flag.  I hope they all enjoyed it.


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