Monday, October 22, 2012

More ketchup [88/123]

Yup... catch up...

Feels like I'm trying to do that all the time lately.

But... that week is over.  3 workshops, an after biz and a performance at the auditorium!  phew.  Done.  in the books... not to be thought of again... for a while.

Work will always have stuff on the horizon.  Family will always have functions and many other life distractions will keep me from writing in here regularly.

The workshops went pretty well.  Lots of great feedback, and definitely ignited in me a want to do more of them.  Let's hope I can find a way to make it happen without driving myself bonkers.

The performance with Pierre, the Thunder Mountain Singers and myself went well as well.  It's funny tho', rehearsed it a few times and still it was never the same twice.  Audience didn't seem to mind.  Now, to get paid for it!

I'm getting some teaching days in finally... I feel so guilty.  I really want to do some, but I've got to work as well.  I have to know what side my bread is buttered on!

I also get to go to my nerd conference this week -- AndroidTO.  Should be fun to meet some of the readers and other Android enthusiasts, after not being able to go to the BigAndroidBBQ.

What else... ooh, the Note 2 will come out on the 30th.  Hopefully I can buy it from Futureshop so I can use my gift certificate.  That and the amount I can sell my GS3 for and payment from Rodney should cover it.  Nice.

It was cool to see the hangout the other night with Tom showing off his device.

Competition recording has to be done and submitted by not THIS Thursday, but next.  I'm going to chicken out and play my 'simpler stuff'... shucks.

I think that's about it for now.  How about some photos.

Dean got to play with the next door kids at my folks'.  Here he's giving Polly a ride on the back of his trike.

My pipes resting before the performance

Oh, that button on my phone in the gallery that has like an arrow... apparently it'll send this photo to the tv in the green room of the auditorium - right when folks are watching a football match.  Yay me!

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