Thursday, December 20, 2012

End of the year... new projects, new things

Haven't posted on here in a while... been a little busy as of late, and I'll talk about why below.

So, it's the almost end of 2012.  It isn't quite yet, but the way the days just are zipping past, I better say that now, or else I wont' get the chance.

What's new?

Well, my Nexus 4 is coming to me today (hopefully I'll get it).  It's being shipped some time between 9am and 7pm as they think this is a residence.  I thought it best to ship it to my work, instead of home, but for residences they give a wider berth of time.  Plus, I have to leave today at 2pm to pick up Dean for his swimming lesson, which means that if they deliver it at a time today at all, I'll just get it tomorrow.  If they deliver it after 430pm, then I don't know what to do.  Ack...

I can also... sort of announce a new project I've been working on.  Over the past year (almost 2 years now) I've been writing in my spare time for the +Android in Canada Blog, which has been awesome. I loved connecting with a community of similarly Android enthused folk.  Nothing like a geek community to make yourself feel welcome.

The only issue has been that it's not really 'our blog'.  Essentially it's been bought and paid for by someone else, and hasn't really kept it up, as it's not their primary concern.... well the concern is for the adsense revenue.  As long as people keep clicking links, then by all means, keep it up.  Tom stepped down as head writer in June, and then I tried in July, but it's a lot of work; and with little support from above, it gets tiring -- let alone the amount of time that it eats away from your own life, that's a costly toll.

With those issues in place even I started taking a back step.  Posting less... however, maintaining the social media end was mounting.  We became verified on Google+, we attracted lots of followers there (even though there were very little comments on the blog).  So, it was cool, but in the end with no support, it felt a little empty.

Only one thing to do then.  Tom and I both announced that we've withdrawn from that blog... and, get this... we're starting a new one.

It's not ready yet, but then again, nobody reads my blog, so the name of it is secure for now.

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