Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012 - My Year in Review

I want to say I've done this every year... and, let's be honest, anyone with a blog these days tends to do it automatically... but I can't remember doing it last year, and I'm too lazy to look it up.  I've littered this blog with my AiC stuff a lot (sorry -- I should remove it).
(oh, here it is)
But, nonetheless, let's have a stroll down 2012 Lane.

  • Dean and I start building forts this year in the front yard.
    • We built in the backyard the previous year, but not the front. 
  • Joined the Nexus Club
    • took me a while to get the device, but I was now a Nexus and true stock Android user.  Shortly thereafter it was rooted and I was on CM9
  • I start my build of databases
    • I'm really thinking I'm OCD as I'm making databases tracking phone availability, device updates, etc...
  • Dean got really 'oddly' sick
    • This was weird.  He got sick, and then his limbs went numb and wouldn't work.  Scared the crap out of us.
  • Cairns workshop
    • Again, getting a chance to be at a workshop put on by John, it was an awesome experience.  Rudimentary on my part, but still, affirming.  I think John really has his stuff together when it comes to teaching, and I'd really like to be able to sit down with him and learn some more (if only I could afford it).
  • Carrier satisfaction survey
    • this was something I thought would be really good... definitely something I'd do again - I surveyed over 1,000 smartphone users and asked them how happy they were with their carrier.  There's so many other things I could have asked in conjunction, but I was just doing it as a test more or less.
  • Online Competition
    • Yay, something to get me 'competitive', unfortunate it didn't have quite the results I was hoping to (I ended up just slapping some things together last minute)
  • Al's passing
    • I won't even go into this.  This was so... painful.  I had my ruminescence a few weeks after he passed, and even reading that is hard.
    • I miss you Al.
  • Start of biking (April 5th)
    • gotta start some time!
  • Dad diagnosed
    • This was rough.  Especially after Al's passing and he had leukemia. He's still fighting, but we don't know where it's all at yet.
    • He's had a real rough go with the anti-nauseants, and dosages that he's turned out to be allergic to.  Cancer's not easy, but it's not meant to be that tough I think.
  • Flooding
    • huge flooding in Thunder Bay... many basements ruined
  • Started planning for CD
    • gotta celebrate 100 years by doing something we've never done before
    • plus we got a great deal with Dining Room Studios - a real professional gig
  • I headwrite for AiC
    • Tom steps down to deal with his family and move, so I try my hand at being the lead guy... it lasts for about a month
  • I'm a coach?
    • Yup, I coached Dean's little teeball team.  That was amazingly awesome.  Hyperbolic... yes!  Bloody adorable, absolutely.  Looking forward to it next year.
  • Canadian Celtic Celebration
    • Pierre is truly a stand up guy, I'd support him in anything he's doing.  We had 4 students this year, more than last.
  • CD Recording
    • And the marathon session begins.  3-4 hours a day, for about 5 weeks (or more) of playing.  Wow.  Besides a great product to sell, I ended up getting some severe tendinitis in my arm, and Rory now thinks he has tinnitis in his ear.
  • Canada day run
    • Mandy wanted to support Kelly in her run around Kakabeka Falls... so we walked out.  Yup... ouch.
  • I'm off the supply list
    • Didn't hit my 5 days / year... didn't the previous year, but nobody said anything.  This year I got served notice.
  • Camping
    • An excellent experience with a brand new tent.  6 days was a tad long, as Dean still has some issues 'at camp'.  But I'd do it all again.  Can't wait for this year.
  • Grand Marais trip
    • A nice little jaunt down to Grand Marais to kill a day off with the family.
  • 8th Anniversary trip
    • an impromptu trip to Toronto to the Revolving Restaurant.  Awesome stuff, and couldn't ask for a better wife to spend it with.  Love you hon!
    • How will I top it next year?
  • Band turns 100
    • Words cannot express how emotional I was to play for this event.  It was an amazing time.  I hope we can recover from it.
    • The cairn is an amazing memorial, and I'll be forever proud of it.  (plus it's now a portal for ingress)
  • First Rider
    • Dean's ready for school now... are we?
  • back on the supply list
    • that's weird - I made one email comment and somehow back on the list.
  • Dean in school
    • d'aww... and in no time has 4 girlfriends!
  • CD work (cover art)\
    • nicely done if I do say so myself
  • AndroidTO
    • oooh, went to my first sorta nerd convention... awesome time!
  • Switch to Bell
    • 'bout time!
  • Playing for Rodney's concert
    • That was fun... I'm on a CD now!
  • New Car
    • and the Aztek gets relegated to the back lane now!
  • Plans hatched for AC
  • Start of the Friday Night Hangouts
    • Kind of our own version of a vlog/vodcast
  • Movember
    • Yup, I did it... it wasn't great, but I raised almost $200 this year.
  • Ingress
    • mix tamogatchi and foursquare and you have my new little addiction game... didn't hinder it's desirability by the fact it's invite only
  • Nexus 4
    • My next nexus arrives and I'm on the latest updates again!
That's about it in a nutshell... I'm too lazy to link to each of the articles that are in here... so I'll leave that for you as a bit of a fun game.

In 2013... what does it hold for me?  Hopefully more of the same awesome-ness.

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