Monday, January 21, 2013

Dean said something pretty profound today

It's been awesome to be able to spend time with the little guy sharing the Star Wars series together.

We're at the part where I've decided to 'flashback' and see the prequels.  This jump in the timeline has Dean a little confused, as such his interest is waning and he's full of questions.  Normal questions, like when's Vader going to get here?  Some are a little convoluted, that he forgets that Anakin turns into Vader, so asks when Obi turns into Vader.

I expected as much.  But he has a lot of questions.

Which is why the one that kinda struck me today didn't really register until just now.

"Daddy, when are you going to be done school?"   I answered that I was done school and we went over what 'graduation' is, and how many grades I completed.

We talked about how school teaches you things and you get to learn.

Then he asked "what do you do after school?  Where do you go to learn?"  And I explained I go to work now.

Without missing a beat he said "that's like school, you get to learn things and use them...".  I patted his head and told him it was time for sleep.

But really, he's so right.  Maybe it's something I did today at/about work, or the fact that I'm trying to get +Android Coliseum off the ground (did I mention ?) that I'm realizing that I'm always learning.  Always gathering new bits of information to tack together into something called wisdom... looking for ways to apply it.

Pretty smart kid if you ask me.

Despite his choice of apparel sometime (you can't see the flippers he's wearing on his feet there).

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