Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Vowing to run

Okay I could make a bunch of excuses. The layoff, the long unemployment, stress of locating employment that wasn't as near as financially rewarding...

But it's all just excuses.

I was overweight before all that, and am even moreso now.

My attempts to curtail my ever expanding waist haven't been as fruitful. So I needed more help.

As it turns out the days I could do something coincided well with Robin and his schedule... And I knew that I needed soomeone else to make me stick to a routine, plus I knew Robin would be unrelenting with me.

So, yeah. I've bought new runners and tested them out (and nearly died doing so) and I'll be running with Robin on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday right after work.

Today is going to be the first attempt. I  have to admit, I'm a little scared.

But, I need it.

And I'm pledging now that I'm going to stick to it.

What tips do you have to help me survive and make the most?

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