Tuesday, March 1, 2016

It's a mystery (box)!

So, it looks like we got our Christmas gift from Kelly yesterday.

It was a box within a box.  I was perplexed as it had Inco Nickel on the old timey box... and then there was a weird cryptic letter about passing on this information.

I'm smelling a mystery.

The box opens up and there's a book, a medallion and under the wrapping newspaper there's a folded up "missing person's" poster.

The first few pages of the book seems to make it out to be a diary of some kid who loses his dog.  Throughout the book there's little isnignias scribbled throughout (and they look like the ones on the medallion).

The insignias are in a different colour ink and look lighter than the other writing. (speaking of all the writing and the letter are clearly not 'written' but are printed photocopies or scans.  So you know the whole thing isn't some real mystery or hoax etc... it's going to be something fun)

It's really hard to not Google about this to figure it out (I found one that did pretty much this from Imgur, but stopped myself quickly to not find it out).

It'll be interesting to read through the diary.  There's some pages torn out, and paper clippings and photos/postcards tucked inside.  And the writing gets progressively 'harsher' (stronger straight lines with larger print and all caps).


Well played Kelly.  Well played.


  1. Have you solved it? I got the same box and am looking for hints on where to start!

  2. Have you solved it? I got the same box and am looking for hints on where to start!

  3. I couldn't find any way to 'solve it' ... eventually we just got a thing in the mail that had a link for us to see who had sent it to us.

    I just couldn't find any clues to see if there was something to do next.

  4. You never decoded the diary? I'm that far, but most of the story is still a mystery. I've found all the real time history stuff the story is related to (its just on wikipedia), but I feel like there's more I'm missing... deeper down the rabbit hole

    1. I didn't really see anything to decode... I think it was just meant as a fun story.

  5. Has anyone figured out the medallion? Decoded the message by using the medallion?

  6. I received the same package, corresponded the symbols with the numbers and am now stuck. Anyone?

  7. I have, also, corresponded the symbols to numbers. Not sure what to do next...

  8. Numbers= a line and a word in the Line on the page the symbol is found. There is more is anyone past this and onto the website/email thing?

  9. i know its a code i seen that right away any one decrypt the medallion?