Tuesday, March 7, 2017

A neat use for a night light

So, I review things... over at Android Coliseum.  Mostly, it's stuff for cellphones.  Accessories, phones, tablets.  Whatever.

Sometimes the companies that I work with just end up sending me some things I don't know how to review.  TVs, oil diffusers...

This time it was an OxyLED Night Light (the N03).  It's cool and all but I don't know how to review something like this.

The idea is that it's a rechargeable little bulb (and it recharges by microUSB, I've got a ton of those cables) that magnetically attaches to a little base and with the magnet holding it in place you can still swivel it around a bit so that it angles the way you want.

The base has the magnet and then also two slots to get it to mount on a wall or a heavy duty sticker to affix it somewhere.

I had no idea where it was going to go.

I tested it out a bit.  Set it to 'auto' and wait for the room to go dark, and then the sensor in the middle to detect motion and then it comes on... boom.  It has to be pretty dark for it to work.  There's a low or a high mode for the bulb too.

My trick is still... where should it go?  I didn't want to drill holes in the wall for just a tiny thing.  Would the sticker really hold?

Then it struck me.  The base is magnetic.  It can sit against the fridge.

Turns out that's very useful.  Often I'll be down in my basement writing away and come up to bed when everybody's long since asleep and the lights are all off.  Going upstairs I go straight into the kitchen and then would have to fumble a bit to find the switch to turn the light on.  Passing through the kitchen I'll have to turn it off again.  So turn it on briefly, get my bearings, turn it off and make my way through the dark until the next area.

Well, with this, as soon as I get into the top stair, the light goes on, illuminates my way, and then walk and after a moment or so, it turns off.  It's the perfect amount of timing.  And it lasts like a week or more before it needs to be charged.

Thumbs up for this thing... sometimes it's the small things done in unique ways that amazes you.

Buy it on Amazon for $25CDN

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