Thursday, May 29, 2008

Visiting the cheiftains

So Dean hadn't had the real opportunity to meet the band chieftains yet, so Mandy and I made it a point last sunday to do just that.


The hope was get out early, before lunch, then visit Rod & Louise, then Al & Muriel after lunch... Dean had other arrangements set up.  It must have been roughly 1:30 or so before we were out the door to visit Al.  And probably after 6 or so by the time we left Rod's.


It was a great visit.  Al showed me a set of 'small pipes' in his basement, and said if I could get 'em working I could have 'em (still havn't quite figured them out -  check the photos and tell me what you think).  I was able to get Al his copy of Edinburgh's 2007 video back, and borrowed the 2006 that Rod lent him.  Rod and Louise had a whole spread out for us as well - excellent sticky buns Louise.  And Dean got a new book... as well as 2 poopy diapers.


It was a great visit, and good to see the chieftains looking so well.  They ain't spring chickens.  Really helped me to appreciate the band's heritage more.  Keeps me motivated to keep teaching the students.

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