Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The great hunt

So my hunt continues -- same as always.  Check the job bank and other sundry websites.  Compile custom resumes and cover letters and apply.

I did have one interview at Fastenal.  And a phone interview with TD, which was followed with an online psych test.  The Fastenal one kinda interested me, so I did some research on them before I went.  Company sounded interesting, but none too fond reviews... albeit they were from ex-employees.  When I went to the interview anyways.  I've never had an interviewer convince me that this would be a company I would not want to work for.  Within the 45 minute interview he informed me that the job would be a huge challenge as they've experienced huge losses in the area and it would be my job to turn that around; that they've had huge turnover in the past few years (3 in the position for the past few years and no employee with no more than a year); that I was continually "wrong" as I answered the questions.  And when it came time for my second interview by phone with them I was supposed to call long distance.  What kind of company does that?

Anyhow... still many irons in the fire, another interview coming and more closing dates coming - just crossing my fingers.  EI still hasn't kicked in... but ah well.

I do need, however, to start really pumping my name around the highschools... I haven't had any for a while.  Which will be kinda rough come mortgage day...

But still, this is viewed as a positive event all around.  I will not look back with regrets or even any sort of vindictiveness.

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