Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Semi Employed

So, yeah, I'm not exactly a bum anymore... well, I wasn't EXACTLY a bum earlier... just with no days supplying I get pretty lazy.  But that's over with now.

I have some work lined up now with Scholars.  Pretty much what I was doing over at PTC in the days of yore, but still somewhat different.  There's kids from highschool, there's kids who just need math help in general as well as adults who need tutoring as well.  Kinda good to keep practicing the 'art'.

Only, I wish it were more hours, but I'm the new guy... so just be patient.

I do have my interview with TD tomorrow...  'if' I get the job that'll mean 2 p/t jobs... ugh.  Plus supplying... but with that kinda schedule I'll doubt I'll get, or be able to do, any supply work.  Hrmm... keep applying I guess.

 On other notes - the Celtic Kitchen Party wasn't not too bad.  Sure wish we coulda had more people there... but the Dust Rhinos really do a good show.

Doug enjoyed himself,


Mandy got to have Prozz fries,


Crystal said she had a good time, accented with a nice Wendy's burger after -- I enjoyed our BK burgers.  Mmmm...  The band wasn't too bad.  I think we played very well; we sounded amazing I thought.  The quartet I thought we'd try a new tack and start with a slow tune together, then do solo tag offs with a culminating set after... it was good despite Rory's gaff and Dylan and Jessome's slower set.  Let's just hope everybody who came enjoyed it enough to make it profitable for us all.

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