Saturday, November 1, 2008

Dean's First Hallowe'en

So Dean had a great first Hallowe'en... I was a bit late getting home from teaching so I get home around 4 and hoping to get out and do some trick-or-treating with the kid and family.  I get home and Mandy's parents have already stopped by and given Dean his treats.  My parents had the visit the day previously and he got some gifts there too.

So I get home ready to go ... and Dean's just started his nap... it's already 4, and he could sleep up to 2 hours, which means he'll miss trick or treating (if we don't want to get back home and dish out some treats of our own).  So do I wake him up, or just let him sleep?  Well a bit of both, I move him a little just to see if he'll wake up... no go, he's ultra limped.  He eventually starts to wake and then I put my outfit on and we go.  It was then I realize that my outfit isn't exactly as comfortable as I thought.  Mandy cut the bottom hem a little longer, so I am wearing a type of miniskirt -- getting into the car is a bit of a trick.

Anyhow, we get out to visit Cookie, Sandi, Jeff & Jenn (and all the Howie girls), Margaret and Burt.  We want to go home as Dean is now super upset and has missed a dinner and we were out way longer than we thought.  By the time we get near home Dean's a little settled so we stop in to quickly visit with Rory, Rain and Anna (a cute frog costume).

Well we get home and unpack and hand out some treats.  It's at that point we realize there's a message on the machine of a voice not identifying themselves saying that there is a gift of treats for Dean at her parent's house.  It took us like 10x listening to the message and then finally having the person IM us to determine who it was... Brandy, who then came by for a visit.

All in all... a good first Hallowe'en for Dean.  Jeff learned that it was indeed the Rubbles who had BammBamm (the Flintstones had Pebbles), I learned what it's like to wear a miniskirt and Mandy learns how to handout candy to some greedy and adolescent kids ("can we have lots?").  Oh, and Sophie and Jerry get to see Dean dressed up too.

So, Dean's Loot:

    • Baby food, Rice Krispies a card and some college fund donations (My parents)
    • Graduation cereal treats (Mandys parents)
    • Stacking blocks with numbers and animals (Cookie)
    • A Newfoundland shirt (Sandi) & probably the first ever full Moore Family photo (see below)
    • Halloween bag with teething cookies, juicy fruit treats, and sippy cup (Howies)
    • Animal crackers, fruit, puding (Brandy's mom)

Dean at Halloween 002

photo from Sandi

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