Friday, October 31, 2008

Another day writing my blog at a highschool

So, another day goes by -- the job searching goes through its paces.  Things are starting to look up, but I don't want to get too positive sounding, else I set myself up for a fall.

Do want to say thanks to the relative who has been really helpful... shouldn't say who as it might jinx it all (not that I'm a superstitious type) - but you know who you are.  Thanks a bunch I hope it plays out well.

The days at home with Dean are great I must say.  I will treasure this time being able to be spent with him.  Watching him slowly develop.  However, he has been most needy lately.  I hate to just prop him up with some Pocoyo or In the Night Garden, but at times it's the only thing that keeps him from that baby's whine.  I know he's a baby, and they do cry, but the really pathetic whine rubs against me in the way that fingernails do on a chalkboard.

That and I'm finding the days home doing almost nothing driving me insane.  I have to get out to go biking or something just to DO something.... not playing video games, writing cover letters, scouring job sites or watching infant television or worrying about my financial future.  So I've been taking to getting the bike out -- haven't biked much since the layoff.  I just absently cruise around.  Dropped by Robin's house, but he wasn't there the one time.

Anyhow, it's Hallowe'en and Dean's costume is ready for showing off to the family.  Seeing as it's themed it means that finally there'll be some family shots (it was pointed out that there really isn't a shot with Mandy, Dean and myself).  So we had sent the email out to go and trick-or-treat.  But as with all best laid plans they go awry -- I get called for supply.  Not that that's a bad thing - heck it's easy money.  Just I would have liked to go out the day with my kid for his first Hallowe'en day.

Oh, well - pay the mortgage - that's the first priority right?  I'll be home soon enough to do some trick-or-treating and then hand out some candy (which reminds me I should go and get some more... just in case right?)

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