Friday, October 10, 2008

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Yeah, it's been a while I know... I've been meaning to write -- but I'm busy lately.  It's been so hectic.  Rob's been home for some time now - and I haven't even had a moment to give him a shout.  Well I did once but it was late and then I was putting Dean down and then when I had a second Rob was putting Ben down... oh the joys of fatherhood.

So what do I need to catch you up on?  Bayfield obviously... my folks... Dean (of course - there's always Dean stories).

So Dean stories... Mandy's parents snagged him an "Iggle Piggle" toy that makes noises when you squeeze him from Toronto.  He wore it out in a day!  He just loves that show "In the Night Garden".  This makes 2 characters he has, the other is "Makka Pakka".He's so constantly happy it seems these days.  His bath times are awesome!  Just loves to splash and play with the toys... I get drenched.  The only down side is that he just loves to stand nowadays... he can do it assisted easily, but I get concerned about standing in the tub... pretty slippery and lotsa hard things to land on.  He'll learn eventually.  Just so much fun watching him learn.

Mom & Dad are getting on well.  Dad's adjusting to his recovery process quite well.  He's driving mom a bit nuts, but I think that's just dad and not the recovery that's doing it.  Somebody needs to find him a part time job as soon as he's better.  Mom felt how was on the other side of the table as she just came home from her angiogram.  She was forced to stay in bed for 24 hours.  They asked that somebody stay with her, and not just her husband who came back from surgery himself - so that meant I was home overnight with them.  Weird going back to your old room.  I guess it's the joy of being the only kiddo in town with them still.  Maybe Charm will move back!  heh Just kidding mom & dad.

Bayfield is always my favourite parade.  I think it's the favourite of anybody in the pipeband as well as people come out of the woodwork for this one.  Too bad Andrew couldn't come.  I think near the end he was really hoping he could go (Stupid Eric for mentioning that there would be a possibility he might get a drink... our band NEVER tolerates that!).  I picked up a few things for Dean:  a book "the old woman who swallowed the spider"; and 2 onesies (an "I *heart* Bayfield" and a skull and crossbones with a bear skull - I wanted to get the "I moose have a hug"  but they were out of stock in his size).


I also picked up a wackload of apple butters (2 caramel, 1 rum, 1 plain, 1 blueberry jam, and 1 strawberry daiquiri).  Yumm -- maybe this will last longer than last years'.  It was nice weather the whole weekend, with the exception of that night on the pier... oh man that was chilly.

After years and years of playing there and seeing people with cameras etc... I've always scoured youtube for videos of us in these city parades and nothing.  Well we  finally got video from a guy who saw us in Bayfield.

What else to discuss?  Not much I guess really... work's slow.  Starting to do some supply days ... but I think it's time I marched on.  Know any good jobs?  I gotta keep applying.

Notice the new font I'm using (if you can tell...) it's the new DROID font from Google that's built into their Android phone... HINT HINT - i so want one for Christmas.

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