Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Dad's home now - somebody tell him to relax

So, we were wrong.  Talking with mom and dad while they were at the hospital and they were saying they would be turfed sooner than later.  Sure he's been feeling better and handled stairs and everything, but he just had 5 bypasses done.  We thought they would keep him for at LEAST A WEEK.

So when we talked to them on Sunday they figured they'd be coming home the next day.  Well we thought if they hadn't said anything to him about going home, that they would probably give him a days' notice so he can get things in order.  Nope - he got the notice Monday morning that he would be out and had to arrange for his Westjet flight home that night.

Thanks goes to auntie Linda for picking them up and taking them to the airport.

So, 1023pm they come off the airplane.  Dad in this double wide wheelchair - which was kinda funny.  Dan Wigg was there and he was saying how this will probably be a difficult time for him as dad's never been the kinda guy to sit back and take it easy.  We got him downstairs and were waiting for the suitcases and he gets up out of his wheel chair and WALKS all the way to the bathroom across the floor.  YOU HAVE A WHEEL CHAIR - USE IT.  yeesh... Dan walked down there with teh chair and dad still refused it when he came out.

Well then it was time to come on out... I had to get the car and pull it around, and got in behind this crazy yank who couldn' figure out the gate thing, kept going up to it and having to reverse as the gate wouldn't go up.  Felt like forever behind him.

Anywho... we then went to the only all night pharmacy 'cuz by this time it was after 11... which meant Shoppers by Intercity.  Yoiks... you can sure meet some interesting people.  Dad had a lot to get refilled so it took a while.  He relaxed in the car, and mom tried to be polite to the wackos.

We finally get him home and I set up his bed on the pull out couch.  He went straight to bed pretty much... well after I had to change his dressings.  Let me tell you -- staples are the grossest things I've ever seen.

A few days have gone by now and dad's still doing good.  Each day is better than the last he says.  But he still tries to push his boundaries, which is good, but I know dad.  "Double Duty Dave" as he used to be known.  He's gonna try to run before he should.

So, yay to me, the kid left at home.  Not that I ever EVER begrudge helping my folks out... just it might have been easier had I moved away like everybody else.

Well, just sitting in the staff room at westgate today.  First day REALLY supplying this year.  Phew... this will truly help out with getting my name back on the board.  Just gotta wait for Rory to finish my business cards so I can really start promoting.

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