Saturday, September 13, 2008

A weekend

Typically when I've tried to catch up on my 'blogging' in a while, I mention how not much has really happened.  I give the 'typical weekend' kinda stuff.

Not this weekend report.  So much has happened this past week, that I've just got to take a min or 2 here to determine exactly what so I don't forget anything.

First is, I'm exhausted.  I've been biking to work all summer, and for the longest time I really enjoyed it, but I haven't been losing any weight.  Though, I did noticed that my clothes felt better.  Anyways, I weighed myself and it turns out I had lost 15lbs so far.  Not bad.  Only 7 more to get me to my first goal.  Doubt I'll hit it, but I doubted I'd get this far.  Good motivation to keep going as long as possible.  Until there's snow on the ground I guess.  Now the whole point here is that I'm exhausted.  When I started biking I noticed it got easier, and it felt better as I went on and on.  Now, maybe it's because the mornings feel cooler, and the afternoons have more wind, but I'm coming home in just buckets of sweat and sore as heck.  My legs ache, etc... maybe I'm not getting enough sleep or something, but I'm definitely having to soothe my legs when I get home.  Could be my tires, I've gone and filled it with air a few times each week... maybe it's time to look for something new -- next year tho'.  No point now.

Band welcoming back came this week.  We had only 5 new students come out to the info session.  We'll see how many stick around in a few months' time.  Means I've got to go and get the modules worked on so it looks very good when I start next week.  And I should probably find my chanter.  Hrmm... I checked at LU... nothing at the Elk's... where could it be?  The band also held a general meeting to help get a picture of where we all stand and what's in the offing for the upcoming season.  Part of it was to hold a statement from the pipemajors... and Ror and I worked together for a while to get it right... and then the day of Rory forgot his speech... so he got all upset... and then got somebody to pick it up for him.  And then, when it came time to give the speech it turs out I had forgot mine.  Luckily I decided to bring my laptop ... and I had the speech on there... so mine just looked horrible.  Ah, well... point got across I think.  It was really nice to see the band members come out and wear the green shirts.  Makes it really look like we're together.  And Andrew now standing in the circle has been reat.  He's coming along well.

What else.. well, obviously, lots of work stuff.  Sometimes I just have to shake my head.  Anywhoo, next topic.

My dad has his date picked.  They let him know like Wednesday that it'd be the Tuesday.  Mom and him have their tickets booked, and hotel reserved... so I think they're set.  They keep saying they don't need anything, but I hope they realize that it will be ok to ask for it.  I mea I have done the lawn mowing, but I'm sure they could use more.  I'll just have to keep bringing Dean over.  I think he'll be a key component in my dad recovering.  Now to ensure that Charmane stays at bay... not saying that her coming is a BAD thing, just as mom and dad have said that it's unnecessary.

Oh, Mandy's gone off to her parents.  They decided to go to Minneapolis at pretty much the last minute.  That's good... they love to travel... not far, but travel still.  So Mandy's watching Kasey, and decided I can look after Dean all myself.  I think this is the first time it's just Dean and I (Mandy says there was one other, but this would be the first WEEKEND).  Just as I said earlier, I'm exhausted after each day, and now having to handle Dean 24hrs a day makes it that much more tiring.  But we've enjoyed ourselves.  A guys' weekend.  We I've been watching UFC's ultimate fighter marathon for season 1.  Can't believe that's like over 6 years ago.  Like where Forrest Griffin got his start.  Pretty cool!

Well that's enough I think.  I'm tired, it's late... just the Shamrock v. Franklin fight to go... I know who wins, so should I wait, or just get a start on sleep now?

Oh, last bit... I've been finishing the Wheel of Time #11 book (Knife of Dreams).  Disappointing how part way through I find out that Robert Jordan passed away.  I didn't know!!!  So research has shown that it's being passed on to somebody else to finish book 12... but not until like September of NEXT YEAR.  oi... I guess I can read the series again.  I've been starting to cheat in this book, using various wiki to get some hints at what could happen.  But 11 is a much better book than the middle books.

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