Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Watch your fingers

So for a while now Dean's been the drool monster.  Literally emptying buckets of drool, especially when he's happy.  (once we put a plastic bib on him that had pockets, they were nearly full)

This is a sign that he's starting to teethe, or so the books say.  This has been going on for some time with very little indication... sure you saw ridges where the teeth might be, but still, no hard evidence (pun intended).

Well the other day I noticed what might be called a flap on the top of his 'ridge' of gums.  And then today I looked at it and there were white marks... looked like plaque or something.  I put my finger on his bottom gum, and by gar, thar be a tooth! 

I'd have taken a picture, but
a) hard to see
b) he doesn't sit still long enough, let alone his tongue moves like crazy

I'll have to send something later on if we can get it.

So on to the next step in Dean's growing up.  On his 7th month birthday he has 1 tooth (or would you say he has the tooth when it's fully out?... hrmmm).

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