Friday, September 5, 2008


So, as my list below states I have several things that bother me.  I don't know if that's a sign of me getting older or just discovering my personality.  Who knows...

Anyways, I'm pretty sure that I've listed 'ignorance' down there as something that annoys me.  People who make statements about how much they hate this or that without any real reasoning or research.

There's plenty of these cases to talk about - 'chemicals' (ie. BPA), food, Dixie Chicks, math, etc...

My most recent addition is the smack about VISTA.  Seriously, many people have not even seen how it works and yet they'll swear they saw it eat a kitten, blow up their printer and rob that bank. I had a client buy a new computer who said that she just bought and yet Vista (preloaded) broke it... not the fat that this person enjoyed going to all those online gaming sites.

But I digress... or not, I still want to talk about Vista.  As a nice turn of fair play I've recently come across an ad by Microsoft (no, not those Seinfeld / Bill Gates disasters) called the Mojave Experiment.  Very reminiscent of the Whopper Freakout, where a group of unsuspecting individuals are put on camera to help make a point.

The point is that you can't make rash accusations based on the say-so of a friend of a friends nephew's dog sitter's brother, or timid tongue-in-cheek tv ads (I sooo hate those ads).

Watch the video, I think it speaks for itself.  No matter what the people say the stats are, Mac has done a good job on scaring people off of Vista before anybody gives it a chance.  I won't even describe what happens in the video, I'll let you watch.  You will need Microsoft's new version of FLASH (called SilverLight) to watch it, or you can do a video search for it on Youtube or Google.

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  1. You\'re getting old. You are 31 after all. ;)  Just thought you might want to know. You\'re right about MAC they sure have made their systems sound like GOD.  In reality Apple is far more proprietary and controlling than Microsoft.  All those MACheads are just brainwashed. :D There was a hacker competition back in June to see how internet browsers stood up to hacking. Safari was cracked in a matter of hours while IE wasn\'t yet cracked by the end of the conference.  The hacker refused to reveal how it was cracked until he notified Apple and they had a chance to fix the problem.  Apple disregarded his warning and so he went public with the problem.