Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Dad's good

So, after almost 5 hours of surgery, dad's come out the other end a-ok.  The doctor's said that there was no complication, no hitches or anything.  They did 5 bypasses in total apparently.  Now they said from the angiogram there were 4 blockages (although I do remember something about how there was a minor one or something...).

So, all's fixed, he just has some recovery time to go through.  Which we hear is typically 2 months.  Now the tricky part is he'll have to stay in ICU till probably tomorrow, which then he'll be transferred to a room.  And, apparently Hamilton General does not have any available single rooms... which is making my dad livid.  He can barely sleep when mom's in the room, let alone some complete stranger.  He got only a few moments when he was back at the hospital at home when he had to share a room ... apparently the guy had a colonoscopy and was up all night farting.

Good time thus far for all involved... dad's fixed, we're all reassured, and Auntie Sharron showed up to help hang out with mom.  Thanks auntie Sharron.

If you've noticed, I've linked alot to the wikipedia site.  This comes from the fact I just watched professor wikipedia on  Watch it... and enjoy, ... it's a good break from something serious.

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