Saturday, February 13, 2010

January in review

So why am I reviewing January in the middle of February?  Because I’m inherently lazy?  So much for my vow.

What’s going on?  Not really all that much that’s causing me to be so tired or forgetful to post.  What should I talk about?  Let’s do this by the numbers.

My photo-a-day challenge:

  • 31 photos
  • 4 cheatings (posted a photo that wasn’t taken on that day)

image Pipeband

  • 2/3 for gigs - We had the opportunity to play for the torch relay when it came through town.  I held extra practices, but as it turns out I was pretty sick.  I mean I had never been more sick.  I did make the opening and closing ceremonies for the Scottie’s tournament.
  • 2 stripes names – Bill (P/S); Jessome (P/C)
  • 4 pipeband members who came out to Bill’s showing of “On the Day”
  • 5 or 6 new piping students!  Been keeping me busy as I’m trying to find all my old files for the piping instruction modules… I used to have like 4 or 5 done, but can’t find ‘em (then again we haven’t had many students progress past module 1 forever).
  • 60-70 pages of the new tune book finished.


  • 1 day off sick (see my comment about the torch relay – really I slept like 2 days)
  • 100 employer packages put together and handed out as I canvassed the malls – that was kinda fun
  • 14 meetings (9 of which were in one week)
  • 1 performance review – it was good, but doesn’t change my mind.


  • 4 days without Mandy/Dean… it was Mandy’s birthday present for me to buy her a flight to Toronto.   During which time I was able to pick up and pass New Super Mario Bros Wii.  That was fun.
  • 1.5 --- still.  I’m referring to my Android stock operating system.  Still waiting for Rogers to deliver the 2.0+ version… which I’m doubtful will ever happen.  We did get SenseUI, which is pretty cool.  Multitouch is definitely appreciated.  Just disheartening as alot of new google apps are coming out and they’re all 1.6 or better (multi google signins, goggles, buzz, maps layers, etc…)

I think that about covers it for me for now.  Should be doing some February recaps soon, but I’ll leave that for another post.


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