Monday, February 1, 2010

Quarterly Re-cap


See, this is why I need a vow (see previous entry).  My last real blog entry was Sept. 27... and many before that were 'recaps' as well.


So this will hopefully be my last re-cap blog entry.  I only do this just to have a written history for myself (because you know I'll be old soon and will need to have things written down for me telling me what I did in the past).


Let's go through it by the numbers:

(i'm going through my google calendar to help me remember what happened)



DFC Presentation - like I've said before I like being in front of people... so when asked to present at the co-op/career fair at DFC, I jumped at it.  I had a bit of worry over being able to shorten it to 5 minutes, but I think I did pretty well.  How often will you get to hear a presentation on co-op include nintendo wii?

Christmas - I'm a horrible shopper!  I really did it late, and was seriously asking DIRECT questions in order to get good gifts.  We had some pretty good times.  We had an early Christmas at home (Mandy had to work Christmas day, so we opened gifts on the Eve).  The family also ended up having several straight days of parties/food.  It was good that the office was closed for the length of time it was.  There was also the 2nd annual Knauff Sleigh Ride (tho' it includes more than Knauffs and this year we included friends).  It was a good time to get together with everybody and allow the kids to run around.  And it wasn't nearly so cold as last year.

New Years - this is the clear indicator that we are, in fact, old parents now.  We wanted to have a party and enjoy the evening, but... as it turns out it was limited to a prime rib buffet (which was awesome), some swimming (Dean enjoyed) with a cool water slide and an especially early evening.  Dean wasn't crashing and was just getting crankier as we hung out in the hotel room.


Remembrance Day - First time I've been able to actually run a Remembrance Day ceremony by myself.  It was sorta good that the guy helping to organize it was over zealous in planning.  So we had plenty of time to get it ready.

Celtic Bash - whoo... that was fun.  A lot of nerves going in tho'.  Again, the first time I've done that on my own and it was a new format, at a new location... phew.  Glad it's over.  I think everybody had a good time tho'.  Venus Murphy was AWESOME!

Band AGM - 2nd year in a row I was acclaimed the pipe major... you know, I don't mind.  I know it's a lot of work and pressure... I just would like competition.

Andrew's first piping gig - I had a request from someone to bring a 2nd piper, one who would be a younger player.  So Andrew got a taste of what it's like to be a 'semi-pro' piper.  Hopefully it's motivation to help him practice more.


Bayfield - you saw the photos!

Superior CVI - got to take a tour with the NSWPB crew.  Marg said during the tour "you should be teaching here!"  This is after she stalled in helping me apply for a course there.  yay

Rob's new son - Ben is now not an only child with the arrival of Jack

P2P Fall Forum - got to visit Ottawa (don't think I've ever been there before).  Very cool hotel (was an old condo.  I also go to put together a presentation with Devon... not sure it was received well, but you know me, I like to be in front of people.  They also classified me as 'no longer a newbie' and showed my video as a 'classic example'.  I hadn't been there a year yet!  Also got to visit the casino in Gatineau and realize how little I knew about casinos and the games and french language.  Brandie enjoyed it much more than I did.

MacGillivray's Fundraiser - Got to go to the Scotch tasting night to help them with their special events.  The food was amazing!!

Hallowe'en - Breaking with the 1 year tradition, we did not do a family theme for the costumes.  Instead, Dean got 2 photos.  I only really photo'd one of them (one example here, another here).  The other costume is on my other camera and nothing really turned out.  You might get to see them on Mandy's pics on fbook.


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