Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The challenge

The time of the season is here [no, I'm not going to sing].  It's nice enough for me to jog.  I jogged since about the march break... but sorta on and off.  Now Mandy has sorta issued the challenge in terms of who'd lose more weight.  She's going to the gym now and again, and I'll be doing my jogging.  Can't say I've had any success.  When we weighed in I was at the MOST weight I've ever been.  The only thing I've been getting since I've started is shin splints.


So I'm spending the past couple hours doing some research on how to eliminate it.  So far it's either the shoes or the pavement.  Or teh fact I haven't run in a while.  Either way i'm icing the crap out of them.  Anybody have some good ideas for music [or ways to reduce shin splints].  Thanks



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