Saturday, April 22, 2006

What I do when i'm bored

So, my situation at Sears is getting worse.  Worse then I thought.  I accidentally talked to the HR people and I mentioned about how I feel like I'm being creatively dismissed [not that I used those words] and she turned.  Went from a "hey how are you?" sincerity to a "well if that's waht YOU think, you can just think that.. it's only just what YOU think".  So I'm totally disheartened by teh fact that she didn't listen to me or anything.  So I decided I need to go and do something about it now.  Gonna have to go on Pogey this summer it seems for sure.  In the meantime, what to do about Sears.  I mean I can't quit.  General principle alone.  Should I make them fire me?  I can't do anything wrong, just not in me.  What if i sued for creative dismissal?  If I were, I would have to have a case.  So for a case, I'd need proof or something.  I spent the better part of my shift making sketches of graphs and data and what not.  Here's a rough excel version of the data thus far.  [see attached jpeg].  My only concern is how do I present this sort of information in the proper light.


I think the data speaks for itself.  Tell me what you think.  Should I discuss the avg number of days worked in a month per days in a month?  Days on to days off ratio?  Days worked to days sick ratio [i have that data as wel,k just not displayed].


Any employment lawyers out there?  Lend me a hand here.  The one place you're supposed to go to for 'free' advice for Canadian employment law siad they couldn't help me in any way, even for advice because they represent Sears.  Argh... just can't catch a break against the corporate machine.

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  1. Hey,
    I think I\'d go with a bar chart instead of the line graph or histogram.
    Stick it to the man,