Wednesday, May 10, 2006

28 days more to go.

26 days... just 26 days.  And then what?  So much uncertainty.


On the one hand, finishign school will be nice.  Some of these kids are really rattling my last nerves.  It would please me greatly to see them fail.  But at the same time, ... how does that reflect on me?  Arg.. aggrevating it is.


On the other hand, what after school?  It's kind of nice to have the routine AND the steady paychecque.  It may not be much, but at least it's something.  And after it's over, the only source of income for me will be Sears.  Which is trying to push me out.  So how will I make ends meet?  Well, obviously I'm going to have to go on E.I.  Which has been fun trying to get the paper-work ready for.  Sears was VERY reluctant to see that that went forward.  I wonder if I do have acase against them. That would be fun.


But why go on E.I.?  Why stay at Sears if I do?  I mean if the government will allow me to draw on EI, and that means I'll be getting paid to do nothing, why should I work at Sears at all?  Too many decisions.  Plus, if I go on E.I. then Sears would probably give me MANY hours, just to spite me.


I just wish they'd sever me.  I know they want me gone.  They know I want to go... but do I?  Do I really?

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