Saturday, May 27, 2006

No name

Ever had one o fthose occasions where somebody was talking with you and they say something and at the time you go "thanks, that's interesting information" but later on you reflect you wish you hadn't known that little tidbit?  That happened to me this week.  Rob's fiancee Lindsay came by and she threw out the fact that Nichola Goddart [the first female to die in Afghanistan] was not only in Rob's 'squad/platoon/division/whatever...' but that Rob had been in the exact same firefight where she lost her life.  Freakin' spooky is all I have to say.  I almost don't want that thought to FULLY reach my consciousness.


Outside of that...


My throat is really aching and I am completely out of my 'jesus-medicine' and I have to be at work in 40m... I have to drop off Mandy prior to that, so will I have enough tme to run into Shopper's and pick some up?  Or will I have to use expired Hall's all day?  I mean heaven forbid that I call in sick...

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