Saturday, May 27, 2006

I did...

Well, it's official.  I have the letter drafted... Scott has been informed...

I am parting ways with Sears.  I pondered a heck of a lot.  I asked a lot of people for advice.  My parents were the only people I could reach [not saying they were my last choice] and they gave me the advice I expected.  I must say I think I really took it.  My dad's line of "a bird in the hand..." I'll admit, I didnt' follow [obviously], but the 'act, don't react' and 'pray about it' I took to heart.


I had to take a few minutes before Mandy and I went to a social event to attend and just clear my head.  All day I had that jumpy feeling of anxiousness.  I paused... prayed for a feeling.  Mandy suggested I talk to Greg when we saw him inside and see what thought.  A few more minutes passed and we went inside.  Some pleasantries occurred and I slipped the "i think I'm quitting Sears" line to Greg and all he did was put his hand out for a high five [actually he put his fist out so ... you know, touch knuckles.  Not sure what you call it!]  And then I felt some bit of weight come off.  I figured out that it would be right for me to quit.


I thought some more to be sure.  Made me a bit of the anti-socialite at the party but it's ok.  I eventually went out to the car, called Scott and told him I would be quitting.  I asked him if he needed me to finish my last few shifts [2 for the 2 weeks] and he said "sure."  He was neither elated, nor upset.  Not even the least bit shocked.


Maybe tomorrow I'll post my resignation letter.  Something for all posterity!



former Product Knowledge Specialist

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