Saturday, February 10, 2007

A cool un-surprise party

So, it's Mandy's 30th birthday yesterday. For the past while she has been telling me she deserves a prty.  Not a subtle hint... just a straight out "I deserve a party" so I've been debating on ways to do this.  I figured just having people over would be enough, but I couldn't rightly remember if she HATED surprise parties, or LOVED them... either way it was pretty vehement.


Turns out it didnt' matter 'cuz my subtle planning was useless.  She played along the whole way.  I set up to take Mandy out for dinner with our folks and while we were out I had given a spare key to her cousin Kris to get in and let her friends in.   When we got back she still played along even though she knew.  What a good heart.


It was a good time, we had blizzard cake, snacks, Count Duckula.


Happy birthday hon! 


I got her a massage/heating chair thingie... a nice lap blanket (she calls her sick blanket) and a jelly bean/cupcake candle.

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