Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Cursed, I am

So, I'm starting to think that I'm cursed.


A few months back, I was to take some pictures of Greg's retirement, and the card wasn't working in the digital camera.

A few weeks back, I was to video tape a pranking... and my camera stopped working.  Figured it was the cold.  Then it stopped recording anything.  Grr..

Also, I've been noticing my TV needs to be re-aligned.  And not just the manual amount you can do yourself, but a physical realignment of the guns.  So I'm going to need a technician.

Then there's the time I took my car in for the annual servicing... the first thing out of his mouth was "you need new tires!" which was followed not so long after that "you need new brakes"

The brakes I got done.  The tires, would have to wait.

Then last sunday I noticed that one tire was pretty flat, so I just filled it up.  I figured I'll just go and get some estimates for new tires soon.

Monday I bring the car into Kal-Tire and while we're talking, he notices that my one tire is pretty low.  "An unhealthy low" as he put it.  So he offered to fix it up for free.  Turns out that it's more than just unhealthy... it's dead.  So do I put the spare on, or really think about this quote I just did?  $1000 later, I put new tires on.




sucky things lately...  couple that with NO job this semester, and suddenly, somehow my bills have really escalated to a scary level.  Not sure how that's happening, but it means things are going to be tight for a while around here.  CRAZY


So, if you've got good news in the next little wihle... SAVE IT.  I really don't want to hear it.  I need some of my own.

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