Sunday, February 4, 2007

The week in recap

I haven't done this in a while, so let's see if i can bring those who aren't in the know up to speed.


TO those around me, it's been obvious I'm in a not-so-good mood  because of my 'no classes' situation for next semester.  This has meant that I did a crazy dash of applying to jobs listed on Education Canada site.  What will come of it, who knows... I just get very frustrated over the whole "what am I missing" stuff.  Like when there's people who've started AFTER i did, and are already on the board with contract periods, and I somehow miss these opportunities.  I just don't get it.  Do I do my handshakes the wrong way?  Maybe I'll send a letter off to Terry and see what he has to say.


In the mean time I'm still at PTC working away there.  It was funny, last week Rain had it with all the guys doing MSN and stuff... so I reset all the computers with Limited accounts and uninstalled alot of stuff.  One guy said he needed his messenger so he could talk to his girlfriend in Iowa (or something).  Then claimed his injury makes it hard for him to pay attention etc... some sort of head injury he said.  But as it turns out, he really has only an injury for his arm.  Apparently he's just a huge con man.  Fun fun...


On lighter notes, we had a birthday celebration this week.    Eilidh's!!  So Tuesday Brandy had it all set out that Chris and I were to punk her car.  She was going to take her to the gym and while they were there Chris and I were to set up all the decorations that Brandy had made.  The best one was this netting she got and then we blew up a bunch of balloons and attached them so that you coudl just throw it over her car (she was concerned about doing something to her car).  The problem came in trying to transport this huge net to the prank site.  Chris and I thought we had a good idea.  Except when we got it out o fmy car it was all tanlged up.  I mean TANGLED UP... this thing was a nightmare.  It was just a blob of ballons and loose netting.  It ended up being cut to shreds using Chris' box cutter... except it didn't make it much better.  The glowsticks we were to thread about the netting didn't come out any better.  The extreme cold (did I say it was cold... cuz it was COLD) cuased them to not really glow much.  So here we are in front of the house just tryin got get it all done right when the girls show up.  Apparently it was still a good surprise despite what it looked like.  So from there we went out for a coffee (as per norm).  Mandy felt left out and so she made Eilidh some cupcakes for her birthday (which were very tasty).  Then we decided to do something Friday night for her as well.  It was supposed to be alot of people coming out to T&A's ... but as it turns out, it was just Chris, Brandy, myself and E.  And Brandy wasn't feeling well so she left early.  And Trish & Heather were just down on a lower level doing something else.  So as E puts it, it became a party of 3.  Another time E... we'll do it up right!


What else...?  I've picked up a VERY nasty cold as of late.  Not sure exactly what it is... I went to the doctor the other day to talk about my allergies and she was saing that I tend to get some post-nasal drip may get down my throat ... so maybe that's what is causing my throat to burn for the first few days.  It was rough.  Then it's gone back to my nose... it just keeps running.  But I'm not sure if it's allergies (so i haven't tried out my free drugs yet - did I miss mentinoing my HOTT doctor gave me free drugs?), or another cold.  It just doesn't seem to end.  The odd thing is I'm going to go lay down for a nap and I'll just zone out after a few and wake up hours later.  Very disconcerting.


Band practice is going sorta ok... I'm not exactly sure, 'cuz I've been missing a few and haven't been able to play.  But like less than 3 weeks to go... am I ready?    Well I hope so, I've downloaded some MP3 of the tuens I'll be playing.  The part I'm concerned with is playing that march (Arthur Bignoll of Loch Rusque) 'cuz it feels really weird marching to it with those really hard helds in it.  I'm sure it'll come out in the wash...


My new palm is still pretty cool.  I'm starting to get used to it.  My hands are having a tough time holding it (guess it's not what they're used to).


Well, that's about it for now... if anybody finds me a full time job, let me know.  I could use something stable in my life right now.

Ciao for now


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