Monday, February 19, 2007

Get better soon Rich... no more cigars

So last week I got some awful news.  Brandy called me all upset saying that Rich had had a massive heart attack.

Now Rich is not a CLOSE friend, we've seen him just about EVERY time we've gone for coffee, and he's usually out at most after parties, etc... so he is a mainstay in the friend rings.

So when we ehard he had a heart attack I thought we should go get him something.  Some sort of 'survival kit' for post heart attack people.  For Brandy and Eilidh, this meant flowers... and a card.  I was looking more for coffee or stress... or even gag stuff, but this works out just as well.  Almost it didn't tho', as it turns out you're not allowed to bring flowers into the ICMU thingie, but the lady let us smuggle 'em in.

I wanted to get him a card that said "sorry to hear you broke your heart on Valentine's day..." but they said it would be in poor taste (Rich did laugh when i told him tho').

So he's headed off today to Hamilton to have himself looked at and whatnot ... turns out he had 75% blockage.  Nuts...


No more cigars Rich... get better soon.


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