Sunday, August 5, 2012

Chisholm / Butternut trip

Ah, the last band trip of the season.

It was a smaller group as some where at Jarron and Eilidh's wedding, others were trying to squeeze in some summer holidays.  All in all, it was ok, but there was a definite absence noted.  At least the newbies on the trip didn't seem to mind as that meant they got a chance to take part in all of it.

We got to Chisholm after a nice tour of Minnesota (and even after following Eric's recommended route, which he prefaced with "now, I've been wrong before, but you should go this way") and started setting ourselves up in the armouries.

I discovered my inflatable air mattress was officially done - thankfully they had those military cots - and we found the fleet of vehicles in the back.  We also noticed that for the hundreds of posters they had around the room, half of them were anti-rape posters.  Odd.

Well, after some set up we went to the fair.  The lady who hired us has a habit of every time you talk to her she adds one thing more for us to do.  So playing the night before was added.

It was pretty quiet and we just played outside by the beer garden.  Somewhere between there and getting back to the armouries we lost the keys.  Rory drove back and luckily found them.  *phew*

The next day we got all dressed up again and went to play in the fair.  Again little bits were added to the performance here or there ("oh, can you make sure you play by over that part... and you should make sure you go by this place...").  So we played one little 'set' and took a bit of a break in between to take in the sights.  Some were cool, like the motorcycle jumps.  Others like booths on anti-abortion or anti-gay weren't as cool.  There were a lot of 'religitical' type booths.

Gig finished we zoom off to Hibbing.  On route we stopped at Gronks for some refuelling before re-hitting the road.

 Not before I stopped at the Wal-Mart to grab me a new bed. 

Hanging out in the school at Butternut we play it a little relaxed (it was hot the day before) and we get some rest... okay, maybe some hi-jinx.
Next day parade is short and sweet... then a quick performance at the top of the hill at the fair and it's time to start bookin' it home.  Long drive.

It got rough as Rory let me drive (yeah, just my luck) as the rain came down super SUPER hard .. I almost decided to just pull off the road it was so bad.  But it eventually stopped and gifted us with a strong rainbow.  I had never seen one so clear (the photos do not do it justice). 

Good trip... dissappointing with the numbers and with 3 newbies it got a little scary.  But we did it.

Oh, and speaking of newbies, we're going to have to teach one of them how to pack, as it ended up costing Jeffie a bottle of kahlua and Rory a bump on the head.  Heh.

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