Friday, August 24, 2012

Golfing a 4 out of 5 [58/86]

58 days out of a possible 86... still over 2/3, not bad.  The only days I haven't biked are days that it's rained or I could not get out of driving to meetings and whatnot.

Even days like today, where it stormed heavily last night but was just dry enough for me to bike to work (I'm sorry hon, should have driven the car to your work to leave it for you... but it's quite the pain getting the bike in the back there).

My legs are sore.  I don't think I was this tired from biking last year and I averaged just under 80%.  I even put more air in the tires.  My stupid car pump doesn't do a good job reading out the pressure (you can just barely see the LED display), so I have to pump, take it off (lose some air), use my pen pressure metre (lose some air), and re-pump...  It's supposed to be at 40-65, ... yesterday it was at ~25.  Should be about 50 right now.  Wanted to go higher, but it felt dangerous.

Maybe I'm tired because I was pretty much out all day in the sun for the golf tournament yesterday.  I feel a little sun-burnt.

I better have lost some weight.. but I doubt it.  My eating habits haven't changed... so at best I'm neutralizing the aging/expanding effect.  Ah well... it's saving me money right?

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