Friday, August 17, 2012

Perfect Week... of biking [54/81]

Yay, a perfect week of biking.  That hasn't happened in a while. 5 for 5!
My legs know.  It's been getting colder so my nose runs the full day after, and my legs get 'cramps' easier.  Plus, the tire pressure drops a little bit, so it means having to peddle harder... It's been fun.  Also, I've done some different routes here and there as I wind my way through the city to get home, or go get the car, etc...

Other than that... not much to really report on.

Charmane and company are in town so Dean got to visit with them for a couple nights and camped out in my parents' new basement.

And now, Dean's off with my in-laws to visit "aunt Kelly" in Toronto... so I've found myself an unexpected 'bachelor' while Mandy watches the house.  What do to do?  Clean?

Speaking of cleaning and Dean... he had a dentist appointment the other day and played it really cool, but still ended up with a cavity - so has to go back next to get it filled (is that what they do?).  But don't tell Dean - the dentist said it's best not to tell them so he doesn't get anxious.

So that was a wake up call that we weren't doing a good enough job with the teethbrushing with Dean, so that's a new thing we're adding to the regimen as we ready for school soon.

Good God, that's coming up so quick.  My boy in school!  Mandy went out shopping with him to ready and got him a new backpack, thermos and some clothes.  Hopefully it's something he'll start getting excited about.

Now to finish up my article on 'school readying' apps for toddlers.  Gotta get him ready to learn!

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