Sunday, August 5, 2012

Trip to Toronto for our 8th

So, I've done a fair bit of a busy season lately with the pipe band and work that I just "owed" Mandy some 'us' time.  And with our anniversary on the horizon we booked ourselves a nice overnight trip to Toronto.

We got the flight on my travel points, and she got her hotel room on an employee discount.  So it would cost us very little.  Just a dinner and some miscellaneous other expenses.  Booked it!

But as the fates have it Dean got strep throat the night before we left.  So a quick trip to the ER confirmed that and we heavily debated about going.  Had Porter been open at 1am we would have cancelled.  Greg and Nancy agreed to take Dean after our plans with one of Dean's friend's parents understandably said no upon learning of Dean's condition.

So we went... yay.

can you find all 20 differences?
Flight into Toronto... easy.  Porter's got smaller planes so it's a little choppier and a longer flight, but we made it.  And then you're down town - free to see the sights already.

We went quickly to a Cora's for lunch/breakfast.  Yummy stuff there.
After we strolled around down-town visiting some shops and stores, eventually making our way to our hotel.

The haunted hotel.  It's an old mansion converted into a hotel... but it's not haunted (as far as we know).  The rooms were small, but it was nice.  And the arrangement I had ordered was there waiting for us!  Yummy.

Then it was time to head downtown again and get to the 360 restaurant.

The reservation was for 9.  Or so we thought.  Turns out it was for 8... luckily the 30 minutes early we thought we were meant we were only 30 minutes late, so we still got a table.

note the time, and she spelled my name wrong

Neat to see the revolving restaurant, not so neat to have everybody want to take our pictures so they could sell it to us.  One guy even came to the table shoving a picture at us saying (not asking) "is this you".  Not a 'hey, here's a photo of you, it's $20, do you want it?'... a few awkward seconds later we returned the picture to him.  Weird.

The dinner was awesome.  Mandy kept taking photos of it.  Who knew she was such the 'foodie'.  She enjoyed her "rumpagne" - a champagne with Rum in it.

After the dinner we had a nice little romantic walk around the CN tower.  Very nice.

Mandy was upset because it didn't work after our $2

Cabbed it back to the hotel as it was getting late.

We met up with Kelly at another Cora's for 7am (we wanted Daybreak, but it still wasn't open yet) and then we had another day of walking around Toronto.
Just seeing what we could find.

Then it was time to fly home... just in time as it started to rain and we had walked enough.

The flight home is always the longest.

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