Friday, September 14, 2012

A five out of five [70/99]

Is it true?  I just passed the 70% again?  nice.

A week has gone past, and Dean had his first real rush of school.  Not a full week as Monday was just half the class and he had Tuesday off.

It's had it's "moments".  He had a bit of a breakdown/grumpiness on Wednesday and was just crying getting on the bus (he came rather early that morning 7:43).  But yesterday it wasn't an issue, and today he was out there before we were.  So it's looking up.

Slowly but surely he's telling us what he's getting to do at school.  Something about hand on a hip and a finger to the lip so you can go on a trip.  Then there was the "where babies come from and old people die" line that we're a bit curious about.

Aside from Dean's schooling, this week Mandy and I went to an 'Open House', re-launching for the Airlane (and Mandy snooped) while I got some roasted wild boar.  yummy

doesn't she look good?  all dressed up and whatnot... made me look like a  schmoe

hey, those aren't our ribbon cutting shears

Then there was the work bombshell we were told at work... that sucks.

I got told by the guy who owns the house behind us that if the dog bothers us with its barking to let him know.  I told him that it didn't bother me, he only barks when I bike past.  Apparently they thought we had shouted out "shut that F***ING dog up or I'll call the pound".  Not us, I told him.

Info night for the band meant a whack of old retired people who have "all the time in the world" want to learn to play pipes.  Yay.

After the info session it's time to light a fire under the players and really watching our dress/deportment.  Spent a few doing just basic drills.  Hopefully the music/memory doesn't suffer by spending more time on marching.

Then it was Mr. Positivity time as we had our General Meeting... I did lay it on a little thick.  But I've been frustrated a fair bit for the past while.

And here we are at the end of the week, counting down the minutes until I do the draw for the free phone and tablet.  Hilarious with people entering... just can't read instructions.  Easily would have had double the entrants, but I was trying to be somewhat selective by making it a little bit of effort.  Not sharing publicly, not even filling out any of the links.

Speaking of phones, Mandy got JB on her phone now, legitimately.

And I just got the Defy Pro to play with.
RIM and Google had a baby

I might just replace it with Harold's phone, see if he notices.

It's been getting really cold lately in the mornings.  Mists starting... maybe it's time to start dressing up for the bike rides.  Hoping I can at least get to the end of October.

What's the weekend hold?  More test driving for a new car... finalizing the CD to get it printed for Bayfield.

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