Friday, September 7, 2012

Another full week [65/94]

Dang... rains one day and it causes me to dip below 70%

But another full week has passed me by.  Crazy how fast it goes.  Really.  I kept meaning to write every day in here about each of the items as it occurs, but it's just been that busy.

I really don't want this to be my 'weekly recap' with peppering of my AiC articles.  Ah, well.  Sorry. :(

Sunday was Hymers.  Note to self:  don't carry that bass drum by myself while carrying pipes.  My arm still hurts.
Wasn't our best performance... we had 9 pipes.  3 are new, a 4th is newly returned, 5th probably should retire.  So aside from playing issues, just marching concerns.  Trying not to take it to roughly as it's a fairly new inexperienced crowd.  Take it as it is.

Monday was a well needed extra day off... we started to look at some new cars (recon is done, now it's time for research).  Then we went to the union picnic.

Dean had a good time with the races (he got 2 ribbons).

So on Tuesday Dean went to school.  For the first time ever!
Yeah, rough to watch, but it was just for an hour while we met with the teacher and he saw his cubby and coat hook.  Then he didn't have to go back all week.

He goes back on Monday for a full day (gotta get him ready for the bus), but with only half the class.  The next day he has off, then starts officially full day, every day, everybody on Wednesday.  He's growing up.

Then there's the work load... piled up a little, but I've handled it pretty well I think.

I got to even start the boss on his path of using Social Media.  Should be cool.

On the band side, we started mixing the CD, and we're now done.  We worked a little later than we wanted to last night, but it saves us going in today.  But it's now officially mixed.  Just the details of the artwork and layout to complete.  Oi.  Can't believe it's gotten to that point.

Working on the CD has been a challenge, but a good challenge.  It's also brought up in the last stretch a fair amount of memory of Al.  As this was something he tried to do years ago, but ultimately scrapped it.  Getting this far is probably where he was ... and it's been hard to not want to scrap entire parts and forget it.  But, in for a penny, in for a pound.  But just remembering him and the standards he put on... really has me a) feeling sad as I miss the hell out of him; b) feeling guilty as I've let the standards fall below what they should be under my watch.

Here's hoping that 2013 is the year I really 'man up' and put the band through its paces to bring the band back to a quality level again.  I want everybody to set goals and strive to get better.  Push to compete again.  I don't know if I, personally, have the level to push all by myself... hmm, better save some of this 'rant' for my speech.

I also started the big give away at the blog.  That should bring in some readers hopefully.  I even put on my first Facebook ad.

What else...  this weekend will be working on CD ideas.  Oh, and Eliza's birthday (not like last weekend -- Mandy told me that it was last Saturday and so I decided to walk there... and we walked and walked, Dean and I.  Almost an hour.  But it was the wrong day so we had to walk back -- and Dean BROKE DOWN... it was rough).

Hope you have a good weekend!

Dad's decided to continue with the chemo.  I probably didn't tell you about that possibility.  He went to a reduced dosage again a while back ... lasted one bout but started to react at the end, the 2nd bout didn't last too long.  So he was ready to 'pack it in'.  But the meeting with the oncologist went well and he was calm enough (Charm and the kids were gone by this point) to admit to trying it one last time at an even further reduced dosage.

Fingers crossed.

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