Sunday, September 2, 2012

Been a packed week [62/90]

So, a pretty hectic week all things considering.
I got a new device to play with:
Kind of excited to play with it.  Review's up on the site...

Then I also got another toy to play with.
This one I even get to give away!

And also with the toys, got the Fantom as well.

Got a review for that one as well.

Aside from that work was pretty hectic as it's that time of the year where my eNewsletter and Quarterly newsletter overlap.

I even had a sick day, so that intensified the work load.

We readied this week for Dean's start of school, as he'd gone through the 'first rider program'.

And we have our first gig 'in the new season' as we'll be at Hymer's Fair tomorrow (well, today actually).

Gotta get ready for our info night on the 12th.

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