Friday, November 16, 2012

1 more year [98/140]

So we held our band's AGM last week... well, a week and a day ago now.
I'm still not quite up to date on getting out my updates on this blog in a timely fashion.  But I'm getting there... isn't trying enough?

Well, at the AGM we nominated our 2013 executive for the band.  This will be the start of the next century.  Can't believe we hit the 100 mark.  Remember, we have CDs for sale!

So, the voting was held and here's how it looks:
President - Deb (returning)
Vice President - Peter
Treasurer - Rob (returning)
Recording Secretary - Trish (returning)
Corresponding Secretary - Jeff
Pipe Major - ME (returning)
Cool that it's me again.  I don't mind.  I bet the break would have been nice... but it would be nice to 'win' the position, i.e. somebody run against me.  2 others were nominated but didn't let their name stand.  So I end up winning by acclaim.  It's like 'default'.  (trying to find that Homer Simpson "default, default.." chant)

So another year of me running the band.  I'm okay with it, I want to take the band to another level...but I need myself to be brought to a newer level as well.  I just don't have "it" anymore it feels like.  I got last place in the online competition for the MSR.  Crushed a little, but when I listen to it, yoiks... yah.

Hopefully I can get to some competitions ... get to some workshops.  Who knows.  We have a great crop of students and Rory is really doing some great work to elevate their skills... now just for the rest.

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