Monday, November 5, 2012

Hallowe'en - Not for Dean [94/132]

Just a quick note, as I didn't do this last week.  Dean loves costumes.  He loves that Mandy made him an AWESOME costume this year.

Seriously... it was wicked cool.

Unfortunately, for some reason, Dean has become quite shy.  Shyer than before... nothing alarming, but lately everything he's afraid of.  Can't go upstairs alone, can't go to the washroom alone... just weird.  But, he's a kid, so hopefully it's just a phase.

Well, what happened was we went out to go trick-or-treating and he wanted to go to his 'girlfriend's house first, and see her, but she wasn't there.  Now, whether that set him off balance, or what, he wouldn't go to any other house after that.

We'd go to a house, and it'd be "it's too scary", or "that one doesn't have any decorations".  The best was "I only want to go to houses that are a little bit scary."  Hilarious.  Yet, disconcerting.  One lady on her porch almost 'chased' Dean as she came to the curb to give him candy, but he kept retreating and she kept trying.

Almost painful.

In the end we just went home with only 2 houses gone to.  It's okay tho', on Sunday we had gone out with Dean and Eliza to a few of the relatives' house for pre-trick-or-treating.  Our families spoil the kids mercilessly.


  1. That's the best costume EVER. Someone made that? Fantastic. I'm afraid he's far too cute and I would have chased him too... lol Poor soul.. Next year you'll wish he had a more encumbering costume so you can keep up!

  2. Yeah, my wife made it. She entered it into a contest actually.. here's hoping she wins! she's done his costume for the past few years now!