Monday, November 12, 2012

What's the best time to go into the Emergency? [96/136]

5am... really.
Maybe it's just 'cuz it was a weekday.  I can't imagine it'd be as quiet on a weekend.

I had been feeling not so hot the past while.  Over last weekend Dean had a fever... 103 at times.  And he said his throat was sore, but some tylenol and lots of rest brought it back down.  Didn't think much more of it.

I then biked to work on the Monday and went about my day.  Came home just drained.
Didn't think much of it, as I was easily distracted by the video of Dean on the TV.

When I biked in on Tuesday I didn't feel right to begin with... I felt just 'achy' all over.  But I did it anyways, 'cuz hey... suck it up sissy-pants.  When I got to work, even the boss noticed I didn't look good.  I tried to put in a few more hours, but eventually biked home (delayed it as long as I could, but I dreaded biking back), luckily I did go in... at least the 2 new phones were on my desk ready to be played with.

The rest of the night wasn't much fun.  ... I could feel it coming.

2am I was really having a hard time to swallow.  By 330am I knew I had to go in, so I got myself prepared (showered, etc...) and drove to the ER.  I got there at 5am, and I was out, to Shoppers to get my prescription and back at home in bed by about 5:45.

Doc said I could go to my workshop that day as I wasn't communicable.  But I still was in shock about how dead it was.  I got in, straight to the nurse, straight to a 'bed' and took all the shortcuts... I think they were bored.

Duly noted for next time.  Plan sickness around early morning trips to the ER.

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