Sunday, November 25, 2012

Lots of kids + party + McDonald's = loud [101/145]

So, yeah, I'm writing this article while at a McDonald's. Dean was invited to a birthday party and kits the one with the playground equipment... So it's quite loud.  Hardly the place I'd expect to get caught up in my personal blog.

But here I am.  And in some way, it's fine.  I'm testing out the new blogger app.  It's good practice for the new project in the new year.

So, what have I been up to? But much.  Business as usual really.  Work should quiet down soon, I'll get a little reprieve during December.

Speaking of work, it looks like I'm done biking to work now. I now have a spot... it's in the parkade, but at least it's a spot, plus it just snowed.  A lot.

With the snow I got to practice the whole snowblowing of the the back lane.  Brutal.  And it went from 0 to 20cm over night. No in between.

And like that... I blink and the weekend's over (I'm now writing as of Monday).

Sucky thing about the snow is that it looks like that means that's it as for the biking.  Lots of snow on the ground.  Oh, well.

What else happened?  Well I was feeling pretty under the weather on Sunday.  Mandy's house sitting as of last night (her parents are going to Minni).  Dean's getting used to our new Christmas tradition with the "Elf on the Shelf".  I'll put a post up about that soon.

Oh... and tell me what you think... what colour is this?


  1. First off, Ryan; have you smoking some weed? :D Secondly, either hazel or green.

  2. actually... it's my wife's eye (was late at night and lighting was a little poor).

    she SWEARS her eyes are blue!