Thursday, December 7, 2006

birthday surgery / AGM / stolen donuts / AST over / I've got a student teacher...

So how the past has been... I haven't updated in a while.


What have you missed? 


Well, the AST is finally over with.    And to be honest I'm kinda sad.  For those few kids who actually got something out of it, they made it worth while.  Some of the others...  well here's an example.

For the last day I decided to buy the kids donuts.    I brought the tray out from the car and as I was bringing it out, some other kids saw it ... one of which is in my science class... and he's annoying.  I've kicked him out of the AST class.  Anyways, he starts trailing me asking for his donut.  Then when there's a fraction of a second I'm not 'aware' he jumps and grabs the box and RUNS.  I mean... really, who would do soemthing like that?  I was easily able to intercept him, and I backed him against the wall [not THREW HIM INTO THE LOCKERS as some of the kids have said and told him that he had crossed a line he should not have crossed, and to 'get the hell out of my sight'  I was PISSED. 

But it's over with now, so ... i don't have to worry anymore about it.  I've filled all the final paper work... all there is now is to get paid.  Hopefully it's a reasonable sum... and not $10/hr like Nick was saying... that would suck. 


So, after the last day of the ASTS, the next day in class my new student teacher starts teachign.  And none too soon, as I was running out of the info for which I knew about weather (really, I know nothing about air fronts).  And he did a really good job.  A good way of engaging the kids and then trying to throw a few different things at them.  A little lesson, a work sheet, another little lesson, then some drawing ... it was good.  So it should be very interesting how the class goes for the next few days for him.


The extra hard part is there's a ton of drama going on right now.  This girl's been crying non-stop for like 4 days now.  And all her friends are rallying around her, and it's tricky.  Nobody want sto fill me in [and really i probably DON"T want to know], which means I can't do anything.  But at the same time I'm letting them kinda slide... "we need to go to the office" "can we go to the bathroom with her"... so we tend to miss a bunch of them fromt he class for a bunch of time.... and now I'm feeling like the uncaring bastard because I want to put an end to it 'cuz it's interfering with the class.


And now... the AGM... well, as it happens I get re-voted as co-PM with Rory.  Other than that not much was really accomplished... it was a typical AGM.   Everybody has an opinion, ... and nobody's really aligns with anybody else's.  So... it's just sort of frustrating sitting there during it.  I did a crossword. 

But there's still a good possibility of next year being a good piping year.  February's a go... May might be as well.  A new form of celtic bash might be unveiled and the St. Patty's day bash as always is in the works.


The last thing I'll mention is that today [officially yesterday] is my dad's birthday.    He's getting old... in fact for his birthday he's having surgery.  Well it's not really for his birthdya, it's the day after.  I didn't geet him his birthday gift 'cuz i thought it'd be better to get him the gift in the hospital...   but then again I'm not even sure if he's gonna be in the hospital long.  Maybe I can call or something.  [i'm a great son]

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