Thursday, December 14, 2006

Man, my class is getting on my nerves...

So, yeah, as much as I'm enjoying sitting back this past week while my student teacher takes on the class... I'm really finding them annoying.  Nobody's paying attention.  Even the kid in the 90s is doing the "oh really?" thing (imagine a really sarcastic voice).

Today, i had to kick out a student (again) and sent him to the office.  He comes back 30minutes later only to start a fight with another kid... just brutal.  One kid came back today after "I didn't feel like coming to school"-syndrome and expects to get all caught up and fix any zeroes.  Too bad... so sad.


I just find them so annoying.


Know what else I find annoying?  Registering pipebands.  Man, you would think it was pretty easy.  No way... and the worst part is we're up in the middle of nowhere here in terms of 'regions' or 'zoning', so we're pretty much screwed.  As soon as you ask one association their immediate reply is "why?"  And that's IF I get a reply from them.  Just brutal.


But at least some of the competition set is coming through now... we're meeting with Graham before band to give it a try and see what can happen.  Wish me luck.


ps - 6 school days until vacation.

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