Saturday, December 9, 2006

Hospitals are nothing like they show on Scrubs

So I guess I should explain my last MSN name before I get more inquiries.  I had named it soemthign along the lines "birthday surgery", and when I woke up this morning I had like 4 messages asking if I was ok, or if I needed anything...


So le tme clarify:  MY DAD had the birthday surgery (actually the day after his birthday).


He was suposed to get one of those spinal taps (heh... still have to see that movie) but instead they gave him general anesthesia.  When we picked him up from the hospital he looked groggy.  And was walking VERY gingerly.  But we got him home and set him up on the couch to relax.  I figured I could head home at that point.


About 1 hour later or so I get a phone call from my mom saying "your dad's passed out and I can't wake him."  I seriously thought I was going to get a speeding ticket getting to my parent's house!  When I got there he was laying on the ground, eyes barely open (but thankfully he was awake).  We let him lay on the ground for some time so he could regain his strength.  He had had a hernia repair operation so his abdominal muscles were just sore.  even getting him to sit up caused him to flex those muscles and just brought horrible pain. [i had gotten him a birthday card, and in it, i said "i hope this doesn't mean you can't carry the canoe next summer!"]


Finally we were able to get him into the pullout couch in the back room.  By this time he was needing to just retch and the pain was huge and he just kept shivering.  We wanted to give him something for his nausea but we weren't sure if we could, so mom called the Telehealth number and they said "GET HIM TO A HOSPITAL NOW - WE'RE CALLING YOU AN AMBULANCE!"


So we followed dad in to the hospital and spent over 5 hours there just ... waiting ... and waiting ... and waiting.  Slowly dad started to look better.  They had soem gravol in teh IV and he got a T3 just before we left.  So by the time we were leaving he was JUST starting to talk with some real volume.  Oh, and the doctors decided he should stay the night.


Staying at a hospital is hard.  Especially all the waiting.  I was going stir crazy.  I had to walk around.  And i was hungry.  SO i journeyed off for an ATM.  Found one that was broken (yet it still made sounds), then finally found one that worked, but printed nothing... it gave me the money and then said "PLEASE WAIT" for at least 10 minutes.  Eventually I went to the Tim Horton's to get something to eat (I'm dying for a chunky chicken salad sandwhich)... only to find out it's a Robin's.  Not being used to Robin's menu I couldn't find their sandwhiches and so I just get a muffin.  That's when i see the sandwhich menu on the FAR side of the counter.  grr... When I get back mom mentions she hadn't had any supper either so I offer to go back and get her something.  I go back and order a HAM, TURKEY & BACON sub.  Now it doesn't say anything about "OR" so I assumed it was all 3.  Nope... when we got back to the room, it only had bacon.  So I'm guessing the little 8 year old who made it is just that dumb.


The funny part of the evening was when I called mandy and told her where I was she said "oh, and go see Nanny... she's there too"  So I was able to drop in and see her nanny for a bit.  She had been there since 10am.  (it was roughly 7pm  when we got there).  I also ran into Regan in the waiting room.  So the whole event turned a bit social here and there.


So my evening I decided was nothing like an episode of Scrubs.  I got to see a severely drunk teen... an orderly who recognized me from grade school (don't remember her tho') and a nurse who recognized me from highschool (tho' i only barely knew her brother).  weird.


Dad should be coming home soon... I should be ready in case they need me.  Mom woke me up finally by 10 and she said dad was better and was eating, so he was about ready to come home.  I was barely awake and said "if you NEED me I'll go" and mom said she didn't need me, so she went on her own.  I feel horrible about that.  I shoulda gone.  Oh, well...


l8r all...

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