Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Let's see if I can't get you caught up

So where to begin?

Let's start with the weekend.  Eilidh had finished her exams and decided it was time to celebrate.  So we went to T&A's.  Which was fortuitous as Peter was having his staff party there as well.  Which was funny, 'cuz when we got there, one of his staff was just falling all over the place.  Not exactly cool, but she's 65.

So how did the rest of the night go?  Well when you cram as many people into my Aztek as you can (thanks Mandy for driving), things have got to get better.  Well, Trever had a humongous amount of cleavage that night.  Enough that stopped Pete mid sentence to throw coins and cherries in there.  It led to a lot of "inappropriate touching" (new sign language).  It was a great night.  I mean when you get to watch Xmen at Deb's until 4am, how could it not!?


What else... Shopping is officially now done.  I'd like to talk about it, but there are people who may read this who it would affect.


Staff party at the Country Club was good last night.  Unlike Mandy's staff party, this one had really good food.  We really enjoyed ourselves. 


Then I had to do the banking thing, and track how much in debt I was.  The odd thing was I found a charge from Sears for like $3... and I haven't shopped there in forever.  So I had to talk with Mandy for a while and she didn't know either.  So, this led to a call to TD... and the guy figured it might be some sort of fraud thing, so I should go and get a new card and redo all this banking stuf.  I said I would, and it was at that point I realized what it was (parts from the arts dept).  So I realize I'm now getting old... I'll apologize now people!


What next?  Trish's party.  We had a nice time.  Trish had Rum balls and peanut butter balls, and wine jelly...  I brought Cadbury chocolates.  And Brandy force fed them to me, so who can argue with that!


Well that's about it... my calss is still annoying.  I made one kid write his test in class... he pouted forever about it.  Should be good to read his test now.  Without the EA to give him answers should affect his mark.


Just 2 more days of watching movies until the christmas Break... and with my shopping done, and no retail job to force me to work... I can just sleep and sleep and sleep... should be awesome.  I may not write for a while.  I have 1 more party this week, 1 social next, our party after that, and then 2 New Year's parties.  Wish me luck.

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