Sunday, April 15, 2007

Fable - cool game... really cool.

So a while back I had a hard group of students to teach.  So I tried all sorts of ways to try to connect with them.  One of them was a hardcore gamer.  Seriously played for hours on end on different systems.  So I figured I'd try to connect with that kid by talking about the games that I've played.  It was a pretty good conversation, and we would talk most days about how I played it, and did this part.  Kinda connected... kid still failed.


Point of the story is that at one point when I finished one of the games I said I was done for a while.  He asked me what game was next, and I said I rightly didn't know.  I'm not one to be 'up on things'.  So he went through a whole series of checklist type questions of games I've played in past, and what types I like etc... eventually he came up with FABLE:  the Lost Chapters.  I must say I totally dismissed it for a while.  I was busy.


So recently I bought a new video card from Jarron as he decomposed his older computers to pay for his new Mac Pro.  I started to think about what game I'd give it a go on.  I've played everything in my little case probably 2-3x each.  So I scoured the boards to see what I could download ... and there's Fable.  So I give it a shot.




Very cool game.  Kinda like taking SIMS and WORLD OF WARCRAFT type of game, but still make the combat real time like LEGACY OF KAIN all mashed together.  Very neat how your character can develop differently, with being good or evil, reknown, titled, physical characteristics, tattoos... mine has a scar across his face.  Hurting his attractiveness.  Guess I should learn to block or something.  Stupid Balverines.


Well, i'll see if I can remember to photo all the good ops in the game for ya.  In the mean time I'll attach a couple that I've taken thus far.

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