Sunday, April 29, 2007

So much to talk about

Like Dave Matthews says "so much to say"

So how's my battle with the ticket going?  Well not good.  I can't take option #2 which is to plead guilty with an explanation.  Apparently that is only for when you have financial or time problems.  So they don't want to listen to me unless I'm fighting it.  So I've tried to contact PointTS to see if they can give me some options.   I really don't want to fight the ticket, but I don't want to pay it either... it's 4 demerit points!  On the upside, Mandy just got a speeding ticket (thank god I'm not the only one in the family to get fines!)

So congratulations go out to Steve and Dawn!  Campbell is a cute li'l baby boy! 

Rory and Rain... you're next!

As of late, been starting to really look at houses.  Been to a few open houses already... confusing the realtors by going with Brandy and then re-showing up with Mandy.  The one today was kinda funny "you're just playing with my mind now aren't ya!?"  heh

So we've been looking and deciding and we're finally going to see the bank about being pre-approved.  We'll see what they say... hopefully they don't laugh at us!

Found a really nice one on Mary St.  2 actually!  A little out of the price range that I think I can afford, but we'll see what happens after Tuesday.  Wish us luck.

Now... what else.  Nothing much.  I've ben making up new business cards.  Been at Churchill alot lately and noticed they don't ahve any of my cards anymore and I have been out.  I really need to start pumping myself at other schools.  Ran into a few people I went to school with and they have FULL contracts already.  SERIOUSLY... what am I doing wrong?

Other than that... realizing this summer's gonna be a load of fun with ror out of commission and me running this band... hope I just don't fudge it all up.  Alot of pressure.

Been biking alot lately, tho' I haven't seen any poundage dropping... soon maybe.  I really need to lose about 20lbs.  I said if I lost 20 I'd start looking at rock climbing.  But I really can't wait to get out and go canoeing.  Man that is going to be a blast.  Hopefully I get some time off for it.  Julie hired a new person out of the blue the other day.  Haven't met him yet, so we'll see what he's like. 


that's about all I can think of for now... maybe I'll be more verbose next time!


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  1. Good luck with the ticket, the only way out of following too close is "road conditions," and that\'s ONLY if the cop slips and falls on his ass getting out of the cruiser.  You two should be able to get pre-approved for a decent amount, it\'s surprising how much they\'ll give away.  Unfortunately, they want it back :(   Hey, when they ask how much you make, ask them if it\'s okay if you can pay them in weed every once in a while.  Ha!  But fear not, I\'m sure they\'ll want to give you money, that\'s how they make theirs.