Tuesday, May 1, 2007

That's a lot to take in in one day

... that's what she said!  Man, I love the Office!



So, today was THE day.  We went to the bank to look into our possibility of getting a mortgage and stuff.  I've thought and done some pre-calculations myself on it so it wasn't entirely a surprise.  We looked at the payments and figured out what might be a top limit for us.  Which wasn't a surprise.  The kicker came in when she reminded us that we would have to have a sizeable chunk of money to be able to do teh closing cost stuff.  Which for us right now, given our debts, might be hard to come up with.  Give me a year and I'll have my car paid off, and it won't be so hard, but now... a little iffy.


So, ya... they didn't laugh at us.  They did need us to get some 'confirmed numbers' for them (as they couldn't pull up that info on the computer) before we get an official pre-approval.  But at least we were up front with our "we know nothing" stance, which was good... we ended up learning a few things.  normally I just pretend to know and nod whenever necessary.


The other good thing that came out was we started our RRSP investment stuff.  Something about mutual funds and what not... but it's started at least.  We needed to.


What wasn't so good today was when I was asked by Julie if I could "confirm which days of the week you would be supply teaching."  Essentially she wanted me to say I would only supply teach on specific days.  She wants to hire ANOTHER person there.  Which sort of makes sense, but at the same time, ... I can't give that confirmation.  I'm in a lose-lose situation if I do.


If I were to say I'll only supply teach on Thursday or Friday each week... what if i don't get called those days?  What if I get called on Mon-Wed?  Do I turn them down?  If I keep turning down days they stop calling me.  See?  Lose-Lose!!  Of all days to put this on me... the day we go in to look at a mortgage... sheesh!


I think i need some pepto!

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  1. Make sure you let them know that you\'re a first time home buyer, they had a bunch of deals for that when I was buying mine.  Can\'t remember how much the bank had to do with that, might have been the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation.  They\'ll get you a deal on the legal fees & stuff.