Friday, May 25, 2007

the perils of being a biker

NO, not the Hell's Angel's type... just a bicycle type.


Well, yesterday was pretty fun.  I woke up in the morning with Mandy, and she asked if I was going to give her a ride because it was going to rain.  I looked outside and it wasn't raining, so I told her she could take the car, I would bike it.


getting to work was easy.  Going home?  Well, a bit of a cloud came over, misted the place up pretty good.  I didn't mind getting wet so much... but the constant soaking of my butt and splattering of mud all over me (like it kept getting in my eyes!).  I was a sight when I got home.  Man, that was kinda fun actually... weird thing is now my bike squeaks alot.  Wonder how I can fix that.


Today (Friday)... I almost got killed.  And not a "i almost was hit by a car" story I told a while back about how i was biking on the wrong side of the road and then when another biker came along, i had to move into traffic to avoid him.  That was pretty tame.


I was biking down the street (on the right side) and I was coming up to the intersection with another car at about the same time.  She slowed down adn put her blinker on for a right turn.  I wanted to turn left.  So I take it for granted that a) she'll stop, which will give me enough time to get around her; b) she sees me.


As i'm going left and in front of her SHE MOVES!  Nearly clipped my back wheel.  Had she been a bit faster going out she would hit ME.  Crazy bitch!  That would NOT have been a good ending to the day.  It's been a long week.  I need to go find some Innis&Gunn ruby... or something.


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